Mineral Surfaced Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane

  • High resistance to positive water and vapor pressure
  • Good dimensional stability under tension
  • Good flexibility and can accommodate structural movements
  • Anti-root
  • High puncture and fatigue resistance
  • Resists water-borne chemicals
  • High heat resistance

SEALOPOL is a high performance polymer modified plastomeric bituminous waterproofing membrane, surfaced with reflective natural colour slates to provide maximum protection against UV. The presence of the slates provides a mechanical protection against light foot traffic and occasional maintenance as well as offering an aesthetic surface. It is an ideal membrane for roofing and exposed applications where it can be placed on top of the existing surface and providing an economical and efficient solution to leaking roofs.

Technical Specification

PropertiesMethod of testValues
Sealopol 3PSealopol  4PSealopol 3FSealopol 4F
Membrane thickness +5% [mm]ASTM D7513.
Mass per unit area, [kg/m2]DIN EN 1849-13.8-4.04.8-5.03.8-4.04.25-4.5
Reinforcement polyester[gsm/m2]DIN EN 29073-1250200180110
Softening point (R+B) of coating mixture,[oC]ASTM D36150150150150
Penetration @ 25 oC of coating mixture,[0.1mm]ASTM D518-2318-2318-2318-23
Flexibility at low temperature,[ oC]UAE tc-5-5-5-5
Tensile strength[N/5cm]LongitudinalDIN EN 2311-11100900750400
Elongation at break [%]LongitudinalDIN EN 12311-145404035
Shear resistance at joint, [N/5cm]LongitudinalDIN EN 12317-1800700600300
Tear resistance,[N]LongitudinalDIN EN 12310-1250200160130
Resistance to static loadingDIN EN 1273025KG20KG20KG20KG
Impact resistance, [mm]DIN EN 126911250mm1000mm1000mm700mm
Dimensional stability,[%]DIN EN 1101-1± 0.6
Heat/flow resistance @120 oCDIN EN 52123No flow
Low temperature flexibility @ 0 oCDIN EN 1109No crack
Water absorption [BSP],[%]ASTM D 51470.20
Hydrostatic pressure resistance @ 5 bar, [50mm]BS EN 12390(8)No leakage
Reaction to fireDIN EN 13501-1CLASS E
Water vapour transmission[g/m2/24hours]ASTM E 960.01
Adhesion to granules loss,[%]DIN EN 1203915-25