Cementitious Crystallization Waterproofing Brush-on System

  • Stop water movement in concrete
  • Waterproofs micro-cracked surfaces and concrete mass
  • Waterproofing effectiveness increases with time
  • Waterproofing protection penetrates well below surface
  • Protects concrete against aggressive chemicals
  • Protection is not destroyed by surface abrasion or wear
  • Crystal penetration withstands significant hydrostatic pressure
  • Treatment can be applied to either the inside or outside of the concrete surface
  • Non-toxic and is safe for use in domestic water tanks and containment structures
  • Inhibits shrinkage and cracking

MIXKOTE MKT1 (also known as T1) is a dry, specially formulated powder containing organic chemicals, crystallization and cementitious materials. When the dry organic and crystallization chemicals go into solution, the chemicals are drawn into the pores of the concrete, allowing MIXKOTE MKT1 to react chemically with the concrete by forming hydration crystals of which blocks the voids, micro-cracks and the interstices within the concrete mass. Pre-saturation or subsequent re-wetting of the surface will cause deeper diffusion of the organic chemicals and formation of crystals of greater depth.

Technical and Physical Properties

Color Grey
Texture Powder, 45-150 microns
Bulk density 1.48
pH(when mixed) 13
Rate of penetration 2mm per week
Average observed penetration 100.8 mm into the coated surface
Water pressure resistance Up to 120m head
Water proofing effectiveness No Water permeation at 12 PSI (using at 28ft static water head)
2021 Mixkote MKT1