Monolithic Membrane 6125 (MM 6125)

Monolithic Membrane for Seamless Waterproofing

  • High elongation and tensile strength
  • Long life – permanently flexible
  • High strength – hard wearing
  • No blistering of coating
  • Contains no toxic or hazardous substances
  • Can be applied on zero gradient substrates

MM 6125 is a monolithic waterproofing and roofing membrane with thickness of which cannot be achieved by other acrylic or polyurethane based coating materials. Its total thickness of approximately 6mm has provided advantages in re-roofing and re-waterproofing to all old concrete roofs. It is typically applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces such as roof decks, parking decks, reflecting pools, plazas, mechanical sub-floors, foundation walls and slabs, tunnels, planters, soft-scapes and landscaping areas. MM 6125 has been used widely in green or garden roofs lately due to the popular concept of adopting environmental friendliness.

Physical Properties

Property Requirement Test Method
Elongation Min. 1000% ASTM D638
Water Vapor Transmission Test < 0.5 g/h.m3 ASTM E96:2005 Procedure B
Water Vapor Permeability 0.02 Perm ASTM E96 Procedure E
Toxicity No heavy metal content SIRIM Ecolabel Standard #19
Flash Point 240°C ASTM D92
Softening Point 82°C ASTM D36
Shelf Life 10 years (In sealed containers)
Specific Gravity 1.25
MM 6125