CHEMIND is a recognised regional leader in the development, manufacturing, distribution, and application of construction products that include waterproofing and expansion joint solutions, architectural coatings, industrial flooring, and thermal insulation in addition to consultation and structural repair for governments, commercial developers, and property owners.

Headquartered in Selangor, Malaysia, the CHEMIND group of companies began as a specialist waterproofing contractor in 1986. CHEMIND became a manufacturer and reinforced a reputation as the foremost waterproofing specialist in Malaysia in the year 1998 with the adoption of pioneering Australian technology used in the production of proprietary waterproofing products and the treatment of structures to enhance long-term durability against the elements of nature.

Our patented range of waterproofing membranes has been installed in hundreds of millions of square meters, on roof decks, plazas, vertical foundations, pools, internal wet areas, and other structures across the Asia Pacific region.

Being one of the most recognised waterproofing specialists and contractors in Malaysia, our systems and products for waterproofing and other construction needs have been applied with unsurpassed performance in the construction industry for over 30 years.

The CHEMIND group of companies continues to achieve growth through the acquisition of new products and waterproofing systems, with a wide range of CHEMIND products sold and applied by recognised waterproofing experts industry-wide.

Always meeting the International Standards and Quality.


CHEMIND’s vision is to enrich lives and maximise property values through the protection of structures with in-depth consultation, specialised waterproofing solutions, commercial-grade workmanship, and unmatched customer service.


Making waterproofing reliable and sustainable.

CHEMIND’s mission entails a long-term commitment to understanding and meeting the specific needs of customers while exceeding expectations. We make it easy for customers to trust in their structures by providing a full range of reliable waterproofing solutions, products, and services from conception to completion.

    • We will produce results on time, on brief and on budget.
    • We will be driven by the purpose of our organization.
    • We will improve the well-being of our employees.
    • We will not compromise on safety on site and on plant.
    • We will report any bad behaviors.
    • We will be concern for each other’s health.
    • We will take responsibility of our own actions.
    • We will have courage to admit our wrongdoings.
    • We will not play Tai-chi among ourselves.
    • We are problem solvers.
    • We will always ask ourselves ‘How can we be better?’.
    • We will leave a positive social impact.
    • We will think first and act later.
    • We will be open about our opinions.
    • We will respect people and their ideas.