Cementitious Crystallization Waterproofing in Concentrated Form

  • Form as integral part of concrete
  • Highly resistant to aggressive chemicals
  • Non-cracking
  • Concrete is still breathable after application
  • Seals crack up to 0.5 mm
  • Dual functions of waterproofing and floor hardening

MIXKOTE MKT 2 (T2) is a dry, specially formulated powder containing organic chemicals, crystallization and cementitious materials to provide protection of concrete against seepages and attacks by organic chemicals. T2 is designed in a dry shake form of which can be applied onto wet concrete surface by mechanical power floating. Upon this application, T2 will become an integral part of the concrete and since it contains graded aggregates with high hardness, it can also be consumed as floor hardener to car park areas or concrete slabs subjected to heavy vehicular traffic.

Typical Properties

Property Description
Color Grey
Texture Powder, 45-150 microns
Bulk Density 1.50
pH 13
Rate of Penetration 3 mm per week
Water pressure resistance Up to 120 m head
Waterproofing effectiveness No water penetration at 12 psi
2021 Mixkote MKT2