Heavy Duty Micro-Reinforced Synthetic Rubber Membrane

  • Multi-purpose – economical
  • Long life – permanently flexible
  • High strength – hard wearing
  • No blistering of coating
  • Contains no toxic or hazardous substances
  • U.V resistant

CHEMFLEX-R100 is a specially formulated water-based liquid rubber membrane with integral linear synthetic micro-reinforcement. CHEMFLEX-R100 has been specifically designed to eliminate blistering and wrinkling which may occur in exposed or ponded situations. It has added application advantage as it does not require the use of polypropylene, polyester or chopped strand glass fiber reinforcing fabric.

CHEMFLEX-R100 provides a fully bonded homogeneous membrane barrier with no laps, joints or over-flashings. It is not affected by U.V. or temperature extremes and will not become brittle with age. The CHEMFLEX-R100 membrane system complies with ASTM and BS “Waterproofing of wet areas, R.C Roofs, Water Retaining Structures in Buildings”.

Typical Properties

Color Grey or White
Composition Reinforced Polymerized Monomers
Viscosity 10000 cps at 20°C
Solids Content >65%
Tensile Strength 6.20 N/mm2 @ 200% Elongation
Elongation at break 1025.1%
Vapor Transmission 0.68g/h.m2
Peel Test Concrete : 5.41 N/mm2
Glass : 2.43 N/mm2
Chemical Immersion Passed (water, bleach)
Moving Joint Test (CSIRO) Passed
Accelerated Weathering Passed
Trafficability Based on DFT of 1mm @ 25°C, 40%
RH Foot Traffic – 8 Hrs
Vehicle – 24 Hrs
2021 Chemflex R 100