Should I get cheap waterproofing membrane solutions?

Money saved on waterproofing

Waterproofing your home and properties can be pricy at times, and it may seems like an unnecessary process at the beginning stage as there will be obvious sign of leakages. Bear that in mind, waterproofing cost usually is 1% of the whole property’s cost, but can be liable up to 90% of the cost damage due to leakages. It is not worth the price to cut down cost on waterproofing systems.

What are the risk involved when selecting cheaper waterproofing solutions

You’ll need to be aware when an applicator able to offer similar waterproofing solutions at a much cheaper price when compared to other professionals. There are possibilities that they would use lower grades product or reducing the usages of it (eg: apply 1 layer instead of 3 layer of waterproofing membrane), not withholding the warranty offered, and may have little to no experience in applying waterproofing that may result in poor workmanship. 

Poor waterproofing may leads to health risk

Taking into account that Malaysia weather is hot and humid climate, it will further foster the growth of microorganism such as fungi which could be hazardous to health. On top of that, water leaks and pool of water on floor is also hazardous especially towards the elderly as they are in risk of slipping. Therefore, having the right product of waterproofing is very crucial, in other words, you get what you pay.

Structural damage to the property when waterproofing system fails

There are reasons why some waterproofing systems have few layers of protection, which is to further prevent the infiltration of water when the first layer of waterproofing fails to prevent some of it. Waterproofing systems works with combination of few waterproofing membrane products, which may include primers, coatings and other finishings depending on the area of application and condition of the surface / substrate.

Getting the experienced waterproofing contractors

Always get reputable waterproofing contractors based on their experience in it and numbers of satisfied clients. There are other factors that determine the right waterproofing contractors for your properties, which you can refer here to know more.

What are the waterproofing methods available

There are various waterproofing membrane system available, however you will need to outweighs the pros and cons of it to determine the suitability for your properties and also base on your budget.

There are liquid apply membrane, torch on bitumen membrane sheet, PU liquid waterproofing, epoxy flooring waterproofing and so on.

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