Benefits and disadvantages of waterproofing sheet system

Torch on membrane bitumen sheet on commercial flat roof

Two kinds of substances used for waterproofing – liquid or sheet membrane. It does not mean that one is better than the other, is more to requirements of development, budget constraints, time and environmental surrounding. For this article, we will be focusing on sheet applied waterproofing membrane.

What is waterproofing sheet system?

It is a waterproofing membrane comes in the form layer of sheet in rolls. There are various type of application for the membrane sheet, such as torch-on membrane, self adhesive membrane or also known as cold applied membrane. Amount of coverage for every membrane sheet is determine by per roll and its width. It is easier to be calculated as the width and thickness are fixed in comparison with liquid membrane.

Chemind Central Market MM6125 system - STEP 10

Benefits and advantages of using waterproofing membrane sheet applied system


As it comes in rolls, logistic and transportation can be done more effectively and lower costing. On top of that, it have lower risk in getting damaged during transportation comparing to liquid waterproofing membrane such as leakages and spills which resulted in lost of product.

Consistent Thickness

As the membrane sheet comes in roll and ready to be applied, the thickness is the same as it was manufactured. There would be no issues compared to liquid membrane where there are errors of applying it too thin or too thick which will result in wastage and lower coverage area.

Wide Application

It can be employed in a broad variety of weather conditions and also have good chemical resistance.

Drawbacks and disadvantages of using waterproofing membrane sheet applied system

Seam and joints

Waterproofing membrane sheets will have seams and joints when installing in large areas. Sealing the seams and joints requires attention and detail when applying it. Applicator’s workmanship play an important role when installing it to assure there’s no visible seam lines and proper joints.

Requires skilled labors

Application of the membrane sheet is a labor intensive and skills in handling the equipment itself, at times the cost of the labor may be more expensive than the materials itself.

Comes in fixed size

Waterproofing membrane sheets comes to fixed size as they’re manufactured directly, hence part of the sheets will need to be trimmed at the edge of the joints.

In conclusion

No matter what the choice of waterproofing membrane, the highly significant thing is that it fully seals off any wet zones and prevents leakages or water damage. This eventually boils down to choosing the appropriate type of system for your area and the applicator.

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