Acrylic-Reinforced Cementitious Waterproof Coating

  • A 1mm coating provides anti-carbonation cover equivalent to over 80mm of concrete.
  • Waterproof-resists up to 7 Bars (70meter head of pressure)
  • Non-toxic ideal for potable water uses
  • Excellent adhesion. Bonds to porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Trafficable
  • High resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride
  • Breathable whilst repelling water, allows substrate to breathe

BRUSHCRETE is a two component acrylic modified cementitious coating that only requires on-site mixing to form the ideal product to waterproof and resurface concrete, masonry, and most other construction materials.

Simply apply by stiff brush, roller, or trowel to form a waterproof, flexible, trafficable coating. BRUSHCRETE provides an effective barrier to waterborne salts and atmospheric gases.

Typical Properties

Color Grey or White
Composition Reinforced Polymerized Monomers
Viscosity 10000 cps at 20°C
Solids Content >65%
Tensile Strength 6.20 N/mm2 @ 200% Elongation
Elongation at break 1025.1%
S.G 1.8 KG/LTR
Water Penetration (DIN 1048) 7 Bars-No Leakage (2mm DFT)
Elongation <5% (unbonded)
Water Vapor Coefficient 0.02g/h.m2
Initial Surface Absorption >95% reduction against control
2021 Brushcrete