Advantages and Disadvantages of Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing

Brushcrete FX waterproofing Application

As the name suggests, the main component is Polyurethane that comes in liquid form and usually this method of waterproofing is used for flat roof area and exposed area to weathering. However, method of waterproofing using polyurethane liquid in general is more costly than other methods. 

All things considered, it is ideally used for structures and substrates that are in harsh outdoor environments. The main advantage of using PU liquid waterproofing is its excellent elongation, high flexibility and durability with UV resistance, which are highly suitable for roof top, balcony and exposed areas. Highly used by a lot of applicators in the market due to its high versatility and ability to apply in multiple areas as well.  

The Advantages and Benefits of Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing

PU waterproofing membranes have long term flexibility and also seamless application that easily seal the most intricated protrusions. The many advantages of using it are:- 

  • Quick Installation 
  • Easy and straightforward applications 
  • Seamless / no joints 
  • UV resistant 
  • Weather resistant 
  • Light traffic resistant 
  • Strong adhesion   
  • Corrosion resistance 
  • Anti-root 
  • Crack bridging ability 
  • Available in few colours  (can be customize based on manufacturer)

The Disadvantages and Drawbacks of Polyurethane (PU) Liquid Waterproofing

Despite its flexibility, it does come with a few disadvantages as well: – 

  • Have a short pot life. 
  • Need to apply more than 1 layer. Bad weather will result in a longer time to apply second layers.  
  • Protective coating reduces concrete breathing ability. 
  • Costly due to the high cost of materials. 
LP_housing and renovator

Common application area of PU membrane waterproofing

  • Flat & Pitched roof 
  • Balcony 
  • Plaza deck 
  • Patio 
  • Water tank 

Waterproofing specialist that apply Polyurethane PU waterproofing

A lot of  experienced waterproofing contractors in Malaysia are able to apply it with the right experience. You can also contact us as we have a list of waterproofing applicators that are able to various type of waterproofing for different situation. To know more about Chemind waterproofing membrane solution and system, you can checkout in this link.


For outdoors and areas that are exposed to heavy weather and sun, it would be advisable to use PU waterproofing membrane even thought its slightly on the high cost, it would be a worth while investment due to it high elongation and versatility nature.  

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