Waterproofing – What is it?

Waterproofing | What is it?

Waterproofing is method of constructing a structure or item to be waterproofed or water resistant so that it will no be affected by water or diverting the water under certain conditions.

Water resistant  and waterproofing may know as resistance to water penetration when under pressure, which is different from damp proof, which means resistance to humidity or moisture.    

Waterproofing works in construction

Waterproofing can be done using various products such sealants, emulsions, composites adhesives and various synthetic water-based resin or polymer coatings. A combination of few of these products may be used to achieved the desired waterproofing outcome.

For roofs and balconies, a more sophisticated waterproofing system is required with combination of few materials and products. A failed waterproofing in these are not only leads to damage building structures, it can also lead to personal injury as well.

Each waterproofing products have specific way of installation and suitable for certain areas, therefore it is important to apply the right waterproofing product.

Types of waterproofing

Waterproofing – the benefits of it

A lot of areas in the property can be waterproofed such as roofs, siding, basement, toilet and anywhere where moisture and liquids could infiltrate. Properties that have basements would often experienced water leaking through the wall or floor of the basement. Additionally, properties with flat roofs often have issues with leakages as well due to poor waterproofing system. High moisture in buildings structure can lead to potential risk hence waterproofing is crucial. Water leakage can lead to mold which can lead to structure damage and pose health risk as well.


Choosing the suitable method of waterproofing systems for the areas is crucial can avoid damage to the structures and reduce dampness in the interiors.

Waterproofing in other objects

Waterproofing is not strictly applicable to building structures, but is applicable to many objects such as paper packaging, cosmetics and electronics.

In conclusion

There are various type of waterproofing materials. Each of these have their pros and cons and is heavily depend on the type of areas it will be applied on.

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