HDPE Surfaced Bituminous Waterproofing Membrane


SEALOSTICK is a self-adhesive polymer modified bituminous, waterproofing sheet membrane, laminated onto a tough HDPE film on one side and a silicone release film on the other. SEALOSTICK conforms to the requirements of BS 8102.

Technical Specification

PropertiesValuesTest Standards
Thickness, mm1.52.0DIN EN 1849-1
Mass per unit, kg/m21.62.1DIN EN 1849-1
Top SurfacingHDPE film
Softening point (R&B), °C>105ASTM D 36
Tensile Strength (Film), N/mm2Long 20

Trans 20

ASTM D 882


Adhesion Strength, N/mm

Prime Substrate





ASTM D 1004


Puncture resistance, N>220ASTM E 154
Hydrostatic Pressure@5 bar, (50m)No leakageBS EN 12390 (Part 8)
Water absorption (film) @ 24 hours ,%0.14ASTM D 570
Low Temperature Flexibility, °C< -15ASTM D 1970
Crack bridging ability, mm>1ASTM C 836
Application Temperature, °C10 to 55
Service temperature, °C4 to 80