Heavy Duty Reinforced Synthetic Rubber Membrane for Bridge Decks

  • Seamless without visible or vulnerable joints
  • Can be applied via spraying equipment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good crack bridging capability
  • Able to withstand high temperatures in excess of 200 °C
  • UV resistant

CHEMFLEX BD1500 is a special formulated water-based acrylic polymer membrane containing an integral linear synthetic micro reinforcement. CHEMFLEX BD1500 has been specifically designed to eliminate blistering and wrinkling which may occur in exposed situations especially in the tropical climates. It provides a fully homogeneous membrane barrier with no laps, joints or over-flashings. It is not affected by UV or temperature extremes and will not become brittle with age. CHEMFLEX BD1500 membrane system complies with ASTM C 836-84 and UK highway agency approvals.

CHEMFLEX BD1500 is ideally suited for use in bridge decks, parking decks, plaza decks, flyover waterproofing. It provides an excellent pedestrian or vehicular trafficable membrane as well as is able to withstand direct heating contact with hot asphalt.

Typical Properties

Properties Value
Composition Reinforced polymerized monomers
Colour Grey or white. Special colour can be ordered.
Viscosity 10000 cps @ 20’c
Solids content >65%
Tensile strength 14 N/mm2 @ 100% Elongation
Elongation at Break 150% approx.
Vapor Transmission 15gm/mm/m2/24hours
Peel Test 167 N on concrete
Chemical Immersion Test Passed (water, bleach)
Moving joint test (CSIRO) Passed
Accelerated Weathering Passed
Trafficability (Based on DFT of 1mm @ 25 oC,40% RH)

Foot traffic

Vehicular traffic


8 hours

24 hours

2021 Chemflex BD1500