GVK 200

Flexible and Watertight Seismic And Structural Movement Expansion Joint Cover

  • Permanent elastic and stress relieve to loading
  • Exceptional resistance to extreme temperature and UV light
  • Protection of expansion joints over driveways
  • Natural anodized aluminum side plates, having a non-rusting property
  • For all types of joints vary from 5 to 200 mm width.
  • Able to withstand high impact from vehicular traffic
  • Profile can be custom-made to suit the designs
  • Easy and fast to install

GVK 200 is a specially designed flexible and watertight seismic or structural movement expansion joint cover made of two natural anodized extruded aluminum profile linked by an elastomeric rubber made from EPDM, which is UV-resistant and has a long-term durability.

Typical Physical Properties

Density : 2.70
Melting Range : 615 – 655 °C
Coefficient of Linear Expansion at 0-100°C : 23.4 (10-6K-1)
Poisson Ratio  : 0.33
Thermal Conductivity : 200 W/m °K
2021 GVK 200