FLEXLINE is a highly recommended construction and expansion joint waterproofing system. It is based on a synthetic rubber technology developed in Switzerland more than 15 years ago. The FLEXLINE range is especially designed to be adhered with 2-components epoxy adhesive (CMFIX 100) and to be connected with any waterproofing system. It is available in both 150 mm and 200 mm width: FLEXLINE 150 or FLEXLINE 200. FLEXLINE range is manufactured in Switzerland. FLEXLINE and all related accessories and tools are marketed by CHEMIND Malaysia and are applied worldwide by Flexjoint Approved Applicators.

Technical Properties

Property Unit Method Result
Thickness mm 1.2
Tensile N/mm2 DIN 53504 >5.3
Elongation % DIN 53504 >690
Tear Strength N/mm2 DIN 53507 >9.9
Density g/cm2 DIN 53122 1.48
Temperature Resistance oC Up to 90
Cold flexibility oC -40
Dimensional stability % DIN 7864 < -0.3
2021 Flexline