• Simultaneous 3 ways expansion
  • Monolithic joint
  • Reinforce membrane edges
  • Non-reinforced central part
  • Compatibility
  • Fast installation
  • Proven performance for more than 15 years worldwide

CHEMEIND FLEXJOINT EP are high performance expansion joints waterproofing systems. They are based on a technology developed in Switzerland for more than 15 years. The FLEXJOINT EP range comprises of FLEXJOINT EP 40, 40G, 100 and 240. FLEXJOINT EP membranes set in epoxy adhesive over concrete, metal, glass and almost any construction material.

Technical Properties

Shore A Hardness 45
Tensile Strength > 10 N/mm2
Elongation > 500%
Tear Strength > 5 N/mm
Water Vapour Permeability 2.50 g/m2.day
Temperature Resistance Up to 90oC
2021 Flexjoint EP