• Stops running water instantly
  • Non-shrink and expands as it sets
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure
  • Does not contain chlorides and heavy metals

HYDROPLUG QS is a fast-setting and quick to apply non-shrink cement mortar and is packed in powder form. It is ideal for stopping of water or leakages through concrete and masonry by instantly lowering its hydrostatic pressure. The strength is compatible to structural concrete upon setting and excellent in creating water-tightness.

Product Data
Colour: Grey
Flammability : Non-Flammable

Technical Properties

Typical Compressive Strength (MPa)
30 Minutes 1 day 3 days 28 days
5.0 12.5 23.0 35.0
2021 Hydroplug QS