Hydrophobic Polyurethane (PU) Total Grouting System

CHEMFOAM PU6261 is a MDI-based component, low viscosity polyurethane foam grouting system of which reacts on contact with water to form an effective and flexible closed cell foam barrier to stop leaks and water seepages.

CHEMFOAM PU6261 grouting system is able to penetrate deep into small cracks and capillaries as well as works effectively regardless of whether the water ingress is clean, salty or contaminated.

CHEMFOAM PU6261 can be combined with a specially formulated proprietary catalyst or other suitable commercially available industry standard catalyst to accelerate the foam propagation and reaction process.

Technical Properties

Property Description
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Specific Gravity @ 20 °C Approximately 1.07 + 0.02
Viscosity @ 25 °C cps 250 to 500
Elongation in cured form -180 to 200 %
Gel time without catalyst Approximately 2 minutes
2021 Chemfoam PU6261