HG 202

Non-metallic Floor Hardener

  • High compressive strength surface of 80 N/mm2
  • Provides a hard, abrasion-resistant surface
  • Form monolithic bond with base concrete
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Tested to Mohr’s scale hardness of 8
  • Resistant to oils and grease penetration
  • Non-dusting, anti-slip and antirust
  • Easy and economical to apply
  • Improves the abrasion resistance of concrete by up to 400%

HG 202 is a non-metallic surface hardening compound. It consists of specially-graded, local hard quartz aggregate, imported hardwearing mineral aggregate, Portland cement and other proprietary components blended to powder form of which is ready to be used on site. The uses of high performance and highly workable admixture produce a material which is easy to trowel into the surface of fresh and wet concrete.

Abrasion Resistance
HG 202 has been tested by SIRIM using Taber Model 503 Abraser (Para 3.5). The results showed that HG 202 improves the abrasion resistant of concrete by up to 400% compare to normal screed.

Compressive Strength
At water content equivalent to those obtained in practical applications, the typical 28 days compressive strength of HG 202 cubes is at least 80 N/mm2.

2021 HG 202