Two-part, self-levelling solvent free epoxy resin coating

  • Good chemical resistance & bonding strength
  • It has a very low odour due to the nature of solvent free
  • Slip resistance-different textures available to suit condition to avoid slipping
  • Good abrasion resistance to foot and light vehicular traffic

EPILOX 246 SL is a two-component solvent free epoxy coating at a minimum thickness of 2.0mm in a single application. This system consists of a pre-weighted base and hardener component. A slip resistant texture can be provided by the use of one of a range of CHEMIND’s Anti Slip Grains.

Technical and Mechanical Properties



Density Part A: 1.28 kg/m3

Part B: 1.09 kg/m3

Mixed A + B : 1.22 kg/m3

Solid content 100% by weight
Compressive strength (BS 6319: part2:1983) >44 N/mm2
Flexural strength (BS EN 6319: part 3-1990) >65 N/mm2
Surface hardness (BS EN 13892-6:2002) >36 N/mm2
Bond strength by pull-off method (BS EN 13892-8:2002) >2.2 N/mm2
Water absorption (Korstner test) 0%
Abrasion resistance (ASTM D4060-14) CS10 wheel. 1000g load 57.25 mg weight loss
Heat resistance (ASTM D 2485-91:2013) Up to 200 oC
Water vapor transmission  (ASTM  E96-16) 0.22g/h/m2
2021 Epilox 246 SL