Heavy Duty Micro-Reinforced Synthetic Rubber Membrane

  • Outstanding gloss and stable color retention.
  • Extremely durable, recommended for use in vandal-prone areas
  • Class “0” fire rating
  • Exhibit good adhesion on most substrates and as a safe anti-skid floor
  • Versatile, ultimate in protection and decoration

DURACOTE HB is a specially formulated high built, general purpose product in combination of polyamide epoxy primer and pigmented polyester polyurethane coating for multi-purpose finish to steel and concrete surfaces. It incorporates anti-skid property as a safety feature for most of the exposed R.C roofs on buildings.

Typical Properties

Color Standard CHEMIND Colour
Recommended Dry 150 microns Film Thickness
No. of Coats 1 1-2
Estimated 5 – 6m2/L per coat at 150 µm DFT
Pot life 2 hours at 30°C (Opened)
Shelf life Above 12 months if kept in tightly sealed can at 25°C
Drying Time 4 hours at 30°C
Thinner Solvent by CHEMIND
Solar Reflectance Index > 82% (White)
Volatile Organic Content (VOC) < 40 g/L
2021 Duracote HB