Ultimate Performance Elastomeric, Decorative, All Weather, UV Resistant, Decorative Coating

  • Highly elastomeric
  • Unaffected by U.V
  • Crack bridging ability
  • Impermeable to wind-driven rain
  • Waterproofs, seals, protects and decorates structures
  • Can be applied without special equipment
  • Patterns may be achieved using special rollers.
  • Easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray.
  • Quick drying , early weather resistance
  • Resists mould and algae growth
  • Non-toxic

DECORFLEX is an extremely durable, ultra high performance elastomeric coating which assist in bridging hairline cracks and maintains a clean surface with a minimum of maintenance

Typical Properties

Color White, architectural colors
Appearance Smooth, viscous emulsion
Solids Content Up to 60%
Surface Dry (dust free) ½ to 1 hour

(200 microns wet at 25°C.)

Adhesion (porous surface) Very good
U.V. Resistance Excellent
Elongation 150% approximately
Tensile Strength 4500 kPa @ 50% Elongation
Vapour Permeability Approx. 15gm/m2/24Hrs
Cyclone Test Rating Class E – Maximum resistance to wind-driven rain.
Accelerated Weathering (ASTM D822.A) No defects
Fire Rating:


Class 1 in accordance with BS476

Part 1 (S) AA to BS476 Part 3 over most substances

Algae and Mould Resistance Excellent
Others No toxic hazards
2021 Decorflex