External Anti-carbonation Protective Coating for Concrete

  • Anti-carbonation property
  • Excellent crack bridging property
  • Smooth, semi-glossy surface facilitates cleaning.
  • Obtainable to different colors.
  • Environment friendly and non-toxic
  • Enhance aesthetic appearance.
  • Barrier to carbon dioxide, chloride ions, sulphates, oxygen and acid rains.
  • Water vapor breathable

DECKTOP 3000S is a specially formulated, elastomeric, anti-carbonation, acrylic protective coating for concrete and masonry substrate. It is a single component system and pigmented in ready packed container for immediate usage. It offers high resistance to chlorides and other waterborne salts. DECKTOP 3000S provides a fully bonded homogeneous membrane barrier with no laps, joints or over-flashings. It is stable and not affected by UV or extremes temperature and will not crack with age. The DECKTOP 3000S acrylic membrane system complies with ASTM C 836 — 84 and UK Highway agency approvals.

Typical Properties

Color Standard CHEMIND Colors
Composition Silicone and Aliphatic acrylic polymers
Viscosity 8000 cps at 20°C
Solids Content 45%
Flash Point 45°C
Temperature Min 5 °C. Max 40 °C
Tensile Strength 1.5 N/mm2
Elongation at break: 200% approx.
QUX Weather Test > 2000 hours
2021 Decktop 3000S