MEASAT Global RC Rooftop waterproofing works

Project Reference: Chemind RC Rooftop re-waterproofing works for Measat

MEASAT is a satellite operator and service provider based in Malaysia. Measat stands for Malaysia East Asia Satellite, and the company was established in 1996 with the goal of providing satellite-based communication services to the Asia-Pacific region.

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The Cause of MEASAT Waterproofing Failure - Wrong System and Product Applied on Site:

MEASAT’s R.C. Roof Top system comprised of waterproofing coating system, expanded polystyrene (EPX) heat insulation board and cement and sand screed. Due to the fragility of cement sand screed (compressive strength of less than 12 MPa), cracks were present only after 2 years of installation. As water found its way to penetrate through the cracks, the low-density EPS insulation board absorbed all the water like a sponge. With the presence of constant hot temperature environment in Malaysia, the trapped water can only escape via evaporation, which changes the state of water from liquid into vapour state. The change in atmospheric pressure created an upthrust force upwards to the cement sand screed, leading to more cracks and eventually for the screed to disintegrate completely.

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Performance Warrant Means Nothing When Contractor Goes Bust:

A material warranty for waterproofing is provided by the Manufacturer whereas performance warranty is provided by the Sub-contractor. When problems arose for the R.C. Flat roof only two years after handover, the sub-contractor was nowhere to be found. The Main Contractor for the contract had no choice but to pursue the warranty from the Manufacturer. However, Manufacturers in general will not be held liable for damages when it is not due to the material’s fault. In many cases, it is difficult to hold the waterproofing product to be liable for damages as waterproofing quality is almost always dependable on the application. The Contractor and Client had no choice but to appoint a third-party applicator (in this case they appointed CHEMIND) to solve their waterproofing leaking issue.

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The First Solution - Chemind's One-stop Joint Performance-Manufacturer Warranty:

CHEMIND group of companies comprise of Manufacturer and Sub-contractor, where we can cover both material and performance warranty for waterproofing. This enables the Client and Contractor a hassle-free experience when problems arise.

The Second Solution: Waterproofing System Used

Instead of using Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), we use Extruded polystyrene (XPS) as the heat insulation foam board. The density of XPS is 4 times more than conventional EPS, and the ability to absorb and retain water is very low. This reduces the chance of water being trapped beneath the surface of the protective screed, in events of cracks present.

We always opt for G25 Concrete reinforced with BRC A5 steel fibre mesh as our preferred choice for protective screeds for R.C. Flat roof. This is due to G25 concrete having a minimum of 2 times more compressive strength than cement sand mortar. The improved strength enhances the ability of the screed to allow for increased atmospheric pressure of vapor present beneath without compromising the integrity of the screed.

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