7 Must-Know Tips Before Hiring a Waterproofing Contractor in Malaysia

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As a homeowner that wants to ensure that their home is free from any problem, such as water leakages. It is important to detect the water problems early as it will be cause more damages if left too long. Choosing the proper waterproofing contractor will able to solve your waterproofing issues, recommending proper solutions and working out with your budget expectation at the end of the day. However, selecting an inexperienced waterproofing contractors not only unable to repair the leakages, but can be a very expensive mistake as well.

1. What Does a Waterproofing Contractor Do?

Waterproofing is the process of sealing cracks and holes in a wall or foundation of a building to prevent water from getting inside. It can be done by using different types of waterproofing materials like paints, membranes, caulks, etc.

The process is usually performed by a waterproofing contractor who inspects the building and then seals the cracks and holes with waterproof membrane material.

A water proofing contractor is someone who inspects buildings to find out where leaks are coming from and then fixes it or proposing suitable waterproofing system.

2. How to find waterproofing contractors?

You can always start by asking for recommendations from friends and relatives who has engaged with any waterproofing contractors before. Additionally, you can search them through Google searches or through various apps such as Kaodim or similar services.

3. Ask for estimate quotation from different waterproofing contractors

If you need to, find a registered waterproofing company that can provide quotes for your waterproofing system or recommendations from your friends. Make price comparisons, and it is advisable to get professional waterproofing registered company with years of experience and reviews. Sometimes estimate quotation may have slight differences from final billing but usually would not have very big differences.

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4. Ask waterproofing contractors to do inspection first

Some waterproofing contractors offer free inspection and quotation, or online inspection. Some even offer to do inspections above roof with drones as well. Get opinion from different company and solution first before proceeding.

5. Asking the right questions

Never be afraid to ask questions from your waterproofing contractors. At the end of the day, these contractors are working on your home and you have every rights to ask them. These are the few crucial questions you can ask – what are the detailed pricing, what kind of waterproofing membrane are they applying, how many days would it take to complete, how long is the warranty periods are, what are the process of the application and purposes of each of the materials they are applying.

6. Beware of contractors asking for high deposits

Be aware of putting in deposit of more than 15% to contractors upon commencement of work. Remaining payments should be paid upon completion and based on their workmanship as well. Avoid contractors who demand more than 15% deposit without proper reasons. 

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7. Check on the contractors past performance and qualification

Waterproofing contractors are not the same, some have experience in handling home repairs, while some are more focus on commercial repairs. It is important to do research on them beforehand, with the help of internet and social medias you can check on their reviews and feedbacks from other customers easily. You’ll need to be alert if there’s the waterproofing contractor doesn’t have any online presence as there will be risk.


If you want peace of mind and maximum protection against water damage for your home or business property, hire a professional waterproofing contractor as it is a long term investment which is worthy over saving the 10-20% price difference.

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