How to waterproof your bathroom and toilet with CHEMFLEX R100

Blog-36 Cleaning the substrates

Surface Cleaning for Bathroom and Toilet area

Ensure the area is cleaned thoroughly of any foreign materials. Cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan can be used to make sure the area is spotless.

Dampen the substrate surface with water before application of waterproofing system.

Blog-36 Preparing for waterproofing Chemind Chemgrout

Applying CHEMGROUT 215 as Angle Fillet

Mix  Chemind’s 25kg CHEMGROUT 215 with 4 litre water for 5 minutes.

Dampen the edge of the area first with CHEMBOND solution. Then shape the angle fillet with CHEMGROUT 215 over it.

Blog-36 waterproofing primer toilet

Applying toilet waterproofing primer.

Using Chemind’s PRIMER W, the primer should be applied to the floor and wall with the height between 20-30cm with paint roller. Best is to start with the wall then move on to the floor as the excessive primer from the wall will flow to the floor. Ensure all large cracks and gaps are filled before applying the primer.

Blog-36 Toilet waterproofing membrane first layer

Applying Waterproof Membrane

Apply the first layer of waterproof membrane using CHEMFLEX R100 with brush, roller of squeegee in multiple coats to achieve film thickness between 1.5 – 1.8mm.

Wait the first coat to cure before applying the second layer.

The Ponding Test

Once the second layer of CHEMFLEX R100 has cured, fill in the toilet / bathroom area with water to conduct the ponding test. This process is to ensure the area is leak free after the application of waterproofing membrane. Measure the height of the water ponding at the initial ponding and after the waiting to ensure there’s no leakage.

Blog-36 water ponding test

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