Hacking waterproofing or non-hacking waterproofing?

floor hacking for wateproofing work or non hacking waterproofing method

What is tile hacking waterproofing method?

This is usually when a process required to break or chip the tiles away to apply the waterproofing coating. The process involves preparation of surface by removing the tiles which is also know to be as invasive waterproofing method.

Which is better – hacking waterproofing or non-hacking waterproofing?

It is consider as two different methods of protecting the structure from water damage, where hacking waterproofing is more invasive comparison to non-hacking.

These 2 methods are effective for waterproofing protecting, however it depends on few factors and scenarios before deciding which method are more effective.

Why choose non hacking waterproofing?

Most people will opt for this method as it is much cheaper and need less time to complete, usually can be done in few hours upon application. In comparison with hacking method which requires longer time, to hack the tiles, applying waterproofing membrane coating and installing new tiles which could take easily few days depending on the area size.

Most new property owners would want to avoid hacking their tiles as it will be very costly, and the inconveniences of waiting for the waterproofing to be done, especially in the toilet and kitchen area.

Can I waterproof without hacking the tiles?

Yes, it’s possible to do waterproofing by applying a new coating above it, which are usually in form of waterproofing membrane, sealant or a transparent coating which are currently popular. This can only be done when there’s minor waterproofing failure.

Hacking the tile would be apply waterproofing can be costly and more invasive, but it would be considered necessary 

If there’s major waterproofing failure with severe cracks, these non hacking waterproofing would not be suitable especially when portion of the tiles are damaged as well due to tear and wear. It is best to consult professionals to assess the condition before making any decision.

In conclusion

Non hacking or hacking waterproofing depends on the area condition and budget. Invasive or hacking waterproofing method is difficult, costly and requires time so it will cause inconvenience to execute it especially areas like toilet and kitchen.

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