Waterproofing membrane application for roof

A waterproofing membrane is a coating that is applied to the roof of a building. It prevents water from penetrating the roof and damaging the structure of the building. It also prevents water from seeping through to other parts of the building.

What are the criteria to look at when choosing waterproofing membrane for rooftop?

Waterproofing membrane for roof generally must be highly flexible, strong and tear resistant so that the membrane can withstand the movement of the building and enough to cover small cracks. If the roof is exposed to the sun, UV resistant is a must.

Choosing the suitable waterproofing membrane with the right property is a very crucial matter. Most of these waterproofing membrane method are applied before putting the tiles on top, while some can be applied directly without any finishing on top as its suitable for light or foot traffic. The waterproofing membrane also provides protection against mold, mildew, and corrosion caused by moisture.

Properties of a Roof Waterproofing Membrane

There’s a lot of waterproofing membrane products that offer a wide variety of properties, which can be very confusing and challenging at the same time. So there’s are the highlighted properties that is crucial: –

  • UV resistant
  • High elongation
  • Chemical resistant
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Benefits of having waterproofing membrane for your roof

Membrane roofs are the most popular type of roofing system. Membranes are waterproofing materials that cover the roof’s surface and provide protection from the elements. The benefits of a membrane roof include:

  • A long lifespan – Membranes can last for decades and provide a permanent solution for waterproofing.
  • Protection from leaks – Waterproof membranes protect against water penetration, which is crucial for homes with flat roofs or in regions with heavy rain or snowfall.
  • Cost-effective – A membrane roof is typically less expensive than other types of roofing systems, such as metal roofs or tiles.

Various type of waterproofing membrane for roof

There are a few suitable waterproofing membrane material that can be flexible, high elongation, able to resist the UV, and have chemical resistance:-

  • Polymer-modified bitumen membrane for roof
  • Self-adhesive modified bituminous membrane for roof
  • EPDM membrane for roof
  • Thermoplastic membranes for roof
  • Liquid applied membranes for roof
  • Bituminous membrane for roof

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