Economically Feasible, Acrylic Polymer Emulsion Concrete Curing Compound

  • Compatible with most after-trades
  • Economical feasible
  • No ventilation requirements
  • No environmental impact
  • Eliminates messy water curing method and polyethylene film
  • Efficient curing of concrete, increases concrete’s strength and dusting resistance

SEALOCURE W is a water-based acrylic co-polymer curing compound for use on new concrete. SEALOCURE W facilitates maximum moisture retention through the curing period to maximize concrete strength and stability. When applied with the correct method and the right application rate, SEALOCURE W dries to form a clear solid film of which is barely noticeable on concrete surfaces.

Technical Data

Colour Milky white
Viscosity >0.05 pa.s
Specific gravity 1.00-1.05
Drying time 1.5 hours – 2 hours @ 25 oC
Solid content, % 17.5-18.0
Sealocure W