Membrane Protection

PROTECTOBOARD is a high-impact resistant, UV stabilized, extruded, thermoplastic compound sheet. Its’ unique multi-fluted design increases strength and provides excellent damage resistance.

Product Data

Item Test method
Colour Black
Tensile Strength Yield 30 MPa (ASTM D-638)
Elongation 120% (ASTM D-638)
Heat Stability 100 °C (ASTM D-648)
Hardness (Shore D) 90 (ASTM D-785)
Crush Resistance 11 Mt/m2
Thickness 3mm, 4mm and 6mm
U Factor 5.71 W/m2K
Service Temperature -5 oC TO 70 oC
Chemical Resistance Excellent Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
2021 Protectoboard