High Strength Self-smoothening Topping

  • Protein free
  • Pumpable
  • Early trafficable
  • High wearing cementitious topping material for residential, commercial and industrial floors.

DURAFLOR C24 has been specially designed to produce a smooth, flat surface when applied to hard, rigid sub-floors such as cement and sand screed, concrete etc.

DURAFLOR C24 contains high quality synthetic resins, special cements and selected fillers so that when mixed with water, an easily-troweled mortar with free-flowing properties is produced. The mixed mortar can be applied at 5 mm thickness of 10 mm when it is aggregated with clean graded sand.

Technical Properties

Appearance Grey powder
Bulk Density Approx. 1.30 kg/L
Fresh Mortar Approx. 1.30kg/L
Flowing Time 20 mins
Initial Set
(ASTM C191 @ 25’C)
40-60 mins
Final Set
(ASTM C191 @ 25’C)
50-70 mins
Flow >140 mm
Consumption 1.5 kg/m2/mm
Compressive Strength (ASTM C109)
After 1 day
After 7 days
After 28 days
>10 N/mm2
>30 N/mm2
>40 N/mm2
Flexural Strength (ASTM C348)
After 1 day
After 7 days
After 28 days
>3 N/mm2
>6.0 N/mm2
>8.5 N/mm2
Shrinkage (ASTM C531)
After 7 days
After 28 days
Total Abrasion (ASTM D4060)
100 cycles, H22 wheel, 1000g load
After 28 days
<0.5g loss
2021 Duraflor C24