Why Waterproofing a Building is a Must?

Tropical countries like Malaysia enjoy the rain and shine all year round, it may be great for the people, but, for buildings, fluctuating weather may lead to structural and water damages. Very often, the need for waterproofing is taken lightly, not realising that water seepage may damage buildings, first aesthetically, and then structurally if immediate action is not taken.

Waterproofing technology has helped the construction industry keep buildings sturdy and safe. Waterproofing specialists in Malaysia and other parts of the world use various techniques to ensure that a building is safe from leakage and seepage. Among them are waterproofing membranes, surface coatings, water tank lining and expansion joint systems. Here are some of the many reasons why waterproofing is a must in any type of buildings:

Makes your structure more ‘breathable’

Quality waterproofing prevents vapour and moisture from being trapped within the building. This is important to prevent mould and mildew from forming on the walls. Formation of moulds and mildew is not pleasing to the eyes and in the long run, may cause health issues. 

Increases Energy Efficiency of Your Building

This is one of the little-known facts about waterproofing. When waterproofing is done, the change in weather would not affect the temperature in the building as the movement of water and heat into the building is controlled. Simply put, the waterproofing membranes and coatings will help regulate the temperature. 

Saves Money

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. You may have to fork out some money to get your waterproofing done, but the investment is worth the time and money over the long-term. Repairing whatever damages caused by your negligence to get your waterproofing done prior can cost you much more. You will not only have to spend on re-waterproofing your building but also on the structural damages caused by water seepage. 


CHEMIND is one of the most recognised waterproofing specialist and contractor in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. Our range of products includes waterproofing membranes, expansion joint solutions, architectural coatings and thermal insulation. 

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