Our Waterproofing Specialist Experience in Putrajaya, The Prime Minister Office

The Prime Minister Office in Cyberjaya facing waterproofing failure after 3 years of handover.

We are appointed by the main contractor, Setia Perdana Sdn Bhd to attend several important issues with the leakages in the building. The building was leaking tremendously after only 3 years of completion.

Waterproofing specialist solutions: The Expansion Joint Treatment

One of the notable works were the expansion joint treatment by our approved waterproofing applicator Hydrocon Enterprise Sdn Bhd. Using our high-performance expansion joint water proof membrane system, Flexjoint EP, also know as “Redline” has been installed over 1000 meter. The proposal of using Flexjoint EP is due to it’s high performance characteristic where it is a 3 way expansion – the ability to handle various movement from horizontal, vertical and shear. With its monolithic joint where hand welding is unnecessary, hence drastically reducing error of application. Its flexibility allowed it to be compatible with previous waterproofing system installed in the Prime Minister Office.

High Performance Expansion Joint Water Proofing Membrane System: Flexjoint EP

Chemind Industries is the sole distributor for Flexjoint EP, with a SWISS-technology that cannot be replicated elsewhere.  It’s a high-performance expansion joint with proven result for more than 15 years in the market, and only authorize waterproofing specialist are able to install Flexjoint EP.

Waterproofing Specialist, Engineering solution

As a waterproofing specialist, CHEMIND provided engineering solution to their skylight water leaking issue. Rather than using the conventional method of using a normal silicon based sealant which common waterproofing contractors usually used, CHEMIND provided a distinctive solution – utilizing of EDPM rubber membrane to seal the joints due to its nature of durability and sustainable performance of building materials. 

Polyurethane waterproofing flooring system – Car Park

Additionally, our Polyurethane flooring system also aided in the water leaking issues of their West Wing car park that spans out to 10,000 square feet.

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