Ceiling damaged due to water leakages

Waterproofing is an important element when it comes to protecting the building. When waterproofing installed poorly would lead to various problems such as cracks, mold and structural defects. If it goes more severe, it could jeopardize the building safety of the building and its residence’s health. Luckily, if you could identify these waterproofing issue at initial stage, you could solve the problem as good as new.

1. What are the outcome of failed waterproofing?

80% of building defects is due to waterproofing issues such as which would lead into more serious defects. On the other hand, waterproofing is only a mere fraction – 2-3% of a building cost. When waterproofing fails, the consequences are very severe.

  • Uninhabitable – leaking damage is so severe that it impacted the structure damage of the building, causing the building considered no longer safe.
  • Damage – A serious water leakage could damage home electronics, flooring and various furniture especially wood based.
  • Concrete cancer – Concrete buildings usually are strengthened with steel bars or mesh. Exposure to water and air potentially lead to corrosion of the steel resulting it to expand, creating cracks in the concrete hence at risk of exposed to more elements that potentially accelerates the corrosion which are usually due to severe failed waterproofing.

2. Check if you need to rectify waterproofing.

Maintenance inspection recommended to include roof areas drainage, the plumbing, and areas that are exposed directly to water such as windows. A detailed inspection is crucial for capturing cracks and leaks in earlier stage. Key areas such as roofs, balconies and living spaces which are away from sources of water should be checked as well.   It is recommended that commercial roofs should be checked every six months including vents, drains and other area of roofs where water could penetrate the building. A throughout check to look for stains, watermarks, cracks and leak should be done as well.

3. Engaging the professionals for waterproofing specialist or contractors for waterproofing solutions

Start engaging your waterproof experts to rectify your waterproofing. You should avoid trying to fix the issue by yourself, as these will only lead to a temporary solution. Have a professional waterproofing company to examine your building and carry out rectifying works.

Waterproofing contractors could recommend the suitable products for the area, and using the right method apply the waterproofing products.

Waterproofing failure can heavily impact the safety of a building. Wrong product usage, poor workmanship including applying it wrongly is the most common issue in waterproofing failure. Regular checks and noticing sign on water mark and molds and engaging the professionals at the beginning stage, will be able to stop the leak before it turn into a very severe issue.

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