Brushcrete FX application

Introduction to Brushcrete FX

Polymer-modified, Flexible, Cementitious Waterproofing Coating

BRUSHCRETE FX is a cementitious, two-part, polymer-modified flexible waterproofing coating. It is applied to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration. It can be used waterproofing, sealing of hairline cracks and as a protective coating against aggressive elements such as carbon dioxide.

Contractor sweeping the substrate to clean it before applying waterproofing

Cleaning the surface or substrate of the application area

Concrete, mortar and masonry surfaces must be clean, free from grease, oil and loosely adhering particles. The surface should be cleaned thoroughly to remove all loosely uttered material. All surfaces must be as true and flat as possible. Absorbent surfaces have to be thoroughly saturated with water prior to application of first coat of BRUSHCRETE FX.

Brushcrete Step03b

Preparation of waterproofing - Mixing Part A and Part B Brushcrete FX

Brushcrete FX comes in 2 component – Part A Grey Powder, 20kg and Part B White Liquid 10kg. Slowly add Part A powder into Part B Liquid in a clean container while stirring it preferably with mechanical mixer at medium-speed. It shall be mixed thoroughly and under normal circumstances the outcome will have a creamy consistency result.

Brushcrete FX waterproofing Application

Angle fillet preparation

A fillet is incorporated at the base angle to round off the right angle at the wall to floor joint. Also known as a triangular cross-section that is designed to fit into the corner where two section meet

Brushcrete Step10b

Application of Brushcrete FX

Ensure absorbent surfaces have thoroughly saturated with water. No loose standing water should be on the surface before applying Brushcrete FX. Brushcrete can be applied with brush, roller or squeegee. For large areas, Brushcrete FX can be applied by spraying method using a suitable worm type mixer or pump.  Apply the first while the substrate is still damp but free of standing water.

Allow 4 – 8 hours (in no less than 20ºC) for the first coat to cure before applying the next coat. 

Brushcrete Cementitious waterproofing applied

Second Layer of Brushcrete FX

Second coat is applied on the opposite direction. For areas subject to high water ingress, recommended to apply third layer. Additional stripe coat is recommended over cracks, wall and floor intersections, etc. as these locations are mostly subjected to movement.

Brushcrete Step05a

Additional Coating Brushcrete FX

Additional stripe coat is recommended over cracks, wall and floor intersections, etc. as these locations are mostly subjected to movement.

Storing the products

Keep Brushcrete FX away from sunlight when storing it. If stored as received in a cool dry place between 15°C and 25°C, the shelf life is 6 months.

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