GS 5010

Non-Clogging Geotextile

GS 5010 is a non-clogging fabric composed of needle-punched polyester and hot-melted polypropylene. The three-dimensional netted structure allows the geotextile to act as a separation layer between soil and water. The fabric’s design allows the passage of water through the material while trapping soil particles.

DescriptionTest methodData & resultUnit
ThicknessASTM D-51992 kPa: 3.70
20 kPa : 3.15
Unit WeightASTM D-52261627.5g/m2
Tensile StrengthASTM D-4632Lengthwise : 268.4 Crosswise : 242.5kgf
Tearing Strength(Trapezoid)ASTM D-4533122.5kgf
Puncture ResistanceASTM D-4833Face: 103.0

Back: 161.0

PermittivityASTM D-44910.357S-1
Apparent Opening Size(O 95)ASTM D-4751< #200 (Sieve No.)
CBR PunctureDIN 54307Face : 818.0
Back : 928.6
GS 5010