Internal & External Car Park Flooring System

  • Low VPC contents, environmental friendly
  • Excellent chemical resistance and bonding strength
  • Resists bacterial growth, fungi, mould and mildew
  • High-density systems with maximum wear, abrasion and slip resistance
  • UV Resistance
  • Noise reduction

EPITHANE CPS is a high quality, flexible polyurethane (PU) car park flooring coating system. This system can provide chemical resistance as well as abrasion and slip resistance with the addition of specially selected fine aggregates. The texture of the finished floor can be adjusted to suit your requirements. It is specially designed by using high quality solvent-free PU resins and curing agents.

Technical Data:

Tensile Strength> 33 MPa
Hardness (Shore D)65
Slip ResistanceTRRL Pendulum Slip Test: Dry>40 Wet>40
Abrasion ResistanceTaber Abrader: Less than 0.1 g loss after 1000 cycles of abrasion
Fire ResistanceBS 476 Designated EXT.FF.AA
Volatile Organic Compounds3.90 g/L
Total Aromatic Organic Solvent (%)N.D
Water PermeabilityNil-Karston Test (Impermeable)

Note: Coverage cover given is theoretical. Due to wastage factors, the variety nature of the substrate, and the site application condition, etc, the practical coverage may be reduced.

Epithane CPS